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By approaching a simple step from a new angle , you come to know a magical discovery in your modern life . Your reputation is all that matter to me . The problem is how to start from the beginning ? What to do next ? What would be the single magical step ?

A secret is : No matter who you’re & with whom you’re , feel free to express your inner passion whenever you come to know something new in your life . Express it back ! Cooking food & mind is a simple task , it doesn’t require any hard skills at any higher level . But you do require a proper attention , What would be the next reaction ? If you’re wise , you surely commit mistakes . So , it’s fine keep experimenting with your daily task . The situation would be most worst if you keep doing same mistakes for the moment . There’s a way which is quiet simple before to cook , think that you’re a special guy who knows how to add colors in between . Colors ? means humor , jokes & Salan masala !

Test your level every then and now . Again How ? Relax , Be purposeful & do read the actual situation first . Someone said  » Imagination is more important than knowledge . Knowledge is limited . Imagination encircles the world . And that someone is an intelligent theoretical physicist (1879-155) Mr. Einstein . Lastly , i say Keep dreaming , one day everyone of us find our own way .Certainly , It would be a bit late but that would more acceptable .