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The New Bangkok  » Kathmandu City  » ? The heart of tens of thousands of religious Temples & Stupas . Now , See What’s going on ? SEX , Everywhere ! So far even The Government Of Nepal can’t really control this blooming business around this capital city .Surprisingly , Sex Tourism is ready to replace everything .

There are now an estimated more than 300 « massage parlors » and over tens of thousands of dance ,strip bars, selling « sex » for as little as $10, which of course is not insignificant for them. Those women, however, might be better off than the 200,000+ Nepali women, who are trafficked into India for sex every year.However , It’s not a new story .

This is not normal , Not at all ! This is an attack not on a civilian , but on the Nation fraternity & dignity .For the meantime , What’s the current unmanaged government official thinking about this BOOM BOOM BUSINESS  » SEX & Life  » ? Is there any Intelligence Team to fight against SEX ? What would be the worst horrific scenario with the Women Health ? In particular,  » Who is targeting Young Girls ? » Forever Sex ? In someways , Yes !

There is so much dramas going on & it can not be solved in an overnight . Don’t we follow our brilliant leaders & their policy ? Do we ? Think that each & every pregnancy should be secured & well planned but then again we require higher awareness programs . Who will manage that ?

Judge yourself , Is SEX business a positive or Negative development for Nepali Government ?