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How politics destroy the nation ? Look ! Nepal suffered military losses & much more during the last civil war . But then again , the real condition is the same . The unavoidable politics is very weak in Nepal . Power is not limited among all allied political groups . There’re more than 80 percent corrupt leaders ( just imagine ) in the current government who are not qualified & other rest 20 % is became status quo power (real ).

Why do we need leaders ? Who are they ? Don’t you think Military system in a small nation in Nepal can be the better solution in the future ? I mean , a well organized civilized group , less in number , quick in development activities can be the alternative successful result .

« If you’re poor , go for the change ; if you’re rich , stay with your current status  » Have you understood ? What i mean to say ? Any change inside poor Nepal is too important . Cuz there’re some hidden corrupt people in the current Government . Importantly , they must need to learn something from new civilized citizens . Are we ready for new change ? Say , « Yes  » .