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How does Facebook & other social networking websites drive us crazy ? What actually we do over there ? In a simple way , we’re there to know recent updates from our local & international partners . Do we really need it ? How many of us make it a bit precious in today’s world ? Are we completely safe on social networking websites ? or Are we just going crazy about it ? Why do we require daily updates from our friends ? Indeed , we don’t care : what did they lose ? or what will they win ?or what are they doing ? or How will they manage their week ends ? But certainly , we do care our favorites musicians , actors , brands , a part time Philosophy from our friends ( Copy & paste ) & sometime we keep liking others comments . Does it matter ? Does it shape our active mind ? then what ?
As we notice , everything was alright few years back . Now suddenly , everything seems to be highly modified & advanced . Under ordinary circumstances , we can’t live peacefully without spending few hours on them. We’re addicts . And frankly speaking , there’s no solution to overcome this crisis . We continue our valuable efforts on them & in the end we’ll die for it .

A solution : How to avoid wasting any time on Facebook ? or If you think it’s Okay then how to make it more precious ?
It’s so simple whenever you’re fed up using excess of social networking services , just deactivated it for a while . Later , if you want to continue , simply sign in back with the same user ID & password . It would be alright & that’s for sure , you won’t lose any of your pictures , comments or any social contributions. Plus there’re few other ways as well . One simple way , give it up . Say , ONE 2 STOP ! Like a chain smoker quitting smoking cigarettes all of sudden .

Or if you take it in a positive way . There might be some chances like you can be a famous icon or a stunning star or a King or a Queen or an important character simply by posting decent , reliable , funny informations on daily basics . And your great contributions can get you to win millions of dollar from Mark Zukerberg’s pocket .This time someone’s not kidding . Have this reliable information ? As in an interview with a highly reputed TV channel in Pakistan. Mr. Zukerberg mentioned that he will discuss about this great promotion with his nearest partners in USA . If they allow & say , Okay . Someone will be benefited anyways .For the instant , We don’t know : Who would be that luck person? Just keep our hope alive !
« Facebook , i can do anything for you . Believe me ! » Recently , We discovered this sort of thought in a survey from a regular user in Pakistan who spends all of his valuable time on Facebook . According to him : he thinks someday he’ll make a huge difference & able to win millions of dollar from Facebook . Haha !