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I’m not so surprised since The World Bank announced $1 billion dollars to clean up world’s most polluted river Ganga in India . In good sense , it’s absolutely a great decision from the world Bank to overcome the excess of pollution crisis .
However , if you’re a Nepali & if you really care about your nation then see  » What’s going on with Bagmati ? » . Nepal’s top most polluted river in the mountain where everything is spinning out of control . Either the Government nor the The world Bank made any great contribution to control it’s waste, harmful products coming out from households & industries . Perhaps , it takes decade & hundreds of millions of dollar to clean up nation’s most polluted river .

Here crucial questions are : Are we aware with the future worst horrific condition ? Are we serious about this issue ? What shall we do some effort to control this crisis?
Let’s have a further discussion on this topic . Where are we now ?