Date : 22 April’11 , Thamel , Kathmandu , Nepal

Certainly , that was not an excoriating piece of work , we don’t support it anyways . What ? « An extra fun at Nepali Dance Bar Restaurant » . Three Nepali had gone there for having a cheerful moment , they were still inside the restaurant searching peace in their minds . Suddenly , something went wrong once a young boy came near to them . He proposed : » Would you like to have a wonderful night , unforgettable moment ? Are you ready for fire ?  » In response to his request : Three of them said : Why not ? What’s the catch ? How much it cost ? And What’s special tonight ? . The Boy replied : » Few hot Girls , fair enough ? Don’t worry , nothing goes wrong , after all we’re highly professional & we have better link with Nepali police about this business .  » His healthy assurance acts like catalyst during their stay at restaurant . Now 3 Nepalis were all confused ; What to do now ? Go for fun or stay as normal . They changed their minds & decided to join them in a while .
The pressure was rising up ; Mr. Basnet said . Mr. Lama was highly excited to meet them & Mr. Acharaya was out of his mind .
The story continues as girls start appearing to their desk , around 4-7 on the same time . Girls said : Drive us into the life . 3 Nepalis replied : We’re not driver , What actually you wound like to have ? Let’s make it more clear : That was not top ranked restaurant in Thamel . But over all it was really expensive than top restaurant . Imagine how ? They do their business on the name of beautiful faces . That’s new business trick & that leads to bad thoughts ! In conclusion : Be careful visiting any Dance Bar Restaturant in Nepal ; You might have to pay more extra for nothing ;(