Somewhere around 28 million Pakistanis are smokers according to the WHO .Do you know what ? A man’s sexual capacity might be injured by smoking . Despite higher awareness People keep on smoking in a huge quantity around Pakistan . You can’t stop someone to quit smoking by next minute , it’s not that much easy to quit . Simple reason is : Smokers enjoy themselves while having puffs as any presence of nicotine helps to feel relaxing sensation inside the human body .

Let’s get back to the smoking business : Prices of cigarettes & Tobacco Products are so cheap in Pakistan comparing with any countries in world .Better don’t go far away ; Just check out in Indian market, an ordinary packet of cigarette costs around 60-100 Rupees where as an ordinary of cigarette in Pakistan costs around 22 Rupees . Keep in your mind , market value of indian Rupees is double than Pakistani money .

That’s 100% sure that Pakistani Government & Health Ministry has almost never been able to increase TAX on it . A big question is : Why ? or Do Pakistani require US’s assistance for this program ?