Few reports coming from Nepal is an inspirational reading. No , I beg your pardon “An Incredible Songbook” . Those reports evidently upset by news & claimed as a great accidents in a civil society .More or less everywhere, It’s Doctors who are more involved in sexual activities than any other profession in a small town in Nepal’s Maithaila capital , Janakpur . What a strange report !There people caught doctors at general hospitals committing unwanted mistakes with women patients and in some case senior doctors had found sleeping with their new admitted female medical students sometime outside city as well .Here, experts think the simple reason is : Most of them had spent several years learning medical sciences & human psychology at various university across world . Plus they add :
Literally, their way of thinking is highly matured compare to any other professions . They know better about every aspects of human developments % structure . Most important, here & there , they might have been influenced with the wise phrase called “ Wise men are those who enjoy sex in their life” Oh God , Les docteurs au Nepal , Hare Krishna , Hari Rama , Radhay Krishna , Radhay Radhay ! Sita Ram , Sita Ram Mental Touch Or SEXY Touch , I'm all confused & you ?