Today’s matter of concern : Nepal & it’s politics which is almost out of control . No matter who rules the nation & and how? There’s no systematic order , it’s unbelievable . Since The people movement 2006 , Nepalese government hasn’t proposed it’s new constitution for it’s People . That’s the main problem ! What actually make them so lazy ? Why are they unaware with the future worst situation? Just increasing number of parliament members isn’t any genuine solution to control political crisis . Country requires those who got true minds & who can generate human resources inside the nation . Profit matters in the end to overcome any crisis .

Unemployment , sexual harassment, corruption , kidnapping , social crimes , bad education systems are common problems these days in Nepal . That’s the reason why , the current government is struggling to control unemployment crisis inside the nation . Some report suggests more than 1000 Nepalis move to Arab world in a day just in search of theirs personal security , money & lives . Sadly , few of them sacrifices their lives over there due to excess of anxieties level, work pressures & mental disorders . Now , What’s more ? Do Nepalis Civilian leaders are well familiar with the current scenario ? Who cares ? People are still uneducated & living under poverty line around the nation . They’ve not any other options beside moving to Arab world or any other part of the world where as see if you care civilian leaders are having happy moments . What’s a standing joke ? Can they bring change for Nepal ? Certainly , not !
What do you think ? Where is problem ? How it can be solved ? The current situation is created by Nepalis ex-leaders who never asked for the help from international funding resources for extra development activities . World knows that Nepal is 2nd richest in water resources but once you open your eyes you discover : Nepalis have no clean drinking water, no electricity at their home . ‘Oh SO SAD !

Despite India being so closet to Nepali Government , hardly help to construct Railways network inside the nation . However , they did a lot of other development activities in past . Such as they constructed few bridges , few national highways , few schools & few hospitals . What about other international partners like China , US , France & United Kingdom ? Each & every development activities depend on the government & it’s policy . Here , The current government of Nepal must need to rethink how to interact with international communities in order to fix the entire system .

Let’s go for the change : Now than never !