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Unfortunately , few days back someone & anyone said in his interview : « Democracy is the worst form of the government , except for all those other forms that have been tired from time to time »
Why do Nepalis require multi-party democracy ? Why do they need them ?
Over past few years , multi-party democracy in Nepal enjoyed enormous advantages .As the matter of fact : They’re not Civilian Leaders , they’re suckers . They suck nation’s wealth since then & now . They believe they’re Gods of the New Dawn .
Here , the big question is : Do we need all of these parties ? In my experience , i feel « a poor nation like Nepal hardly requires a huge number of civilian leaders » . Why ? Because we don’t have anything to do with international politics . Believe me , There’s a way from where we can save Nepal & it’s poor people .


Top story : India -Pakistan ‘s future hold ?

Personally , someone & anyone can’t able to understand  » What’s wrong with these two arch-rival India & Pakistan? » . Accept it or not , there’s always some serious issues that create misunderstanding between them . And certainly , it’s always so tough to imagine : What do Pakistan-India’s future hold? Some time we notice : There’s some connection or the other next time we discover , there’s no connection .Hard to say  » Who is the most cruel?  » Sometime it seems it’s Pakistan who had planned several blasts inside Indian territory and sometime it indicates it’s incredible India who engaged their people in the most worst terrorist activities against Pakistan .

Here , If you just think seriously . The question further is  » there’s nothing called War between them « . Much more it is described as it’s all about religion , food & nuclear developments . Wait for a second 🙂 Personally i would like to capture your mind & soul for a while . Until & unless if you just allow me to do that . No worries , i won’t need more than a couple of second . A couple of second , that’s all that matter to me .
Go soft & think about the World’s most highest battlefield Siachen . Still both of them continue lunching special operations in order to maintain peace around the region .History suggests tens of thousands soldiers has been killed on both sides . Raising a lot of questions  » Whose war is this ? Do we really need to continue during this 21 century ? ‘Oh i see , i’m sorry 😦 Right now there’s no more serious war over there but you never know « Who will start later ? » . Is there any solution to fix this world’s most puzzled problem ? Any international support ? Really , i’m so excited to understand this story .
Help ! Help !! Help !!!

What to do next with Nepal’s most polluted River  » Bagmati « ? Any idea !

I’m not so surprised since The World Bank announced $1 billion dollars to clean up world’s most polluted river Ganga in India . In good sense , it’s absolutely a great decision from the world Bank to overcome the excess of pollution crisis .
However , if you’re a Nepali & if you really care about your nation then see  » What’s going on with Bagmati ? » . Nepal’s top most polluted river in the mountain where everything is spinning out of control . Either the Government nor the The world Bank made any great contribution to control it’s waste, harmful products coming out from households & industries . Perhaps , it takes decade & hundreds of millions of dollar to clean up nation’s most polluted river .

Here crucial questions are : Are we aware with the future worst horrific condition ? Are we serious about this issue ? What shall we do some effort to control this crisis?
Let’s have a further discussion on this topic . Where are we now ?

Nepali Politics : What’s a fucking Joke !

How politics destroy the nation ? Look ! Nepal suffered military losses & much more during the last civil war . But then again , the real condition is the same . The unavoidable politics is very weak in Nepal . Power is not limited among all allied political groups . There’re more than 80 percent corrupt leaders ( just imagine ) in the current government who are not qualified & other rest 20 % is became status quo power (real ).

Why do we need leaders ? Who are they ? Don’t you think Military system in a small nation in Nepal can be the better solution in the future ? I mean , a well organized civilized group , less in number , quick in development activities can be the alternative successful result .

« If you’re poor , go for the change ; if you’re rich , stay with your current status  » Have you understood ? What i mean to say ? Any change inside poor Nepal is too important . Cuz there’re some hidden corrupt people in the current Government . Importantly , they must need to learn something from new civilized citizens . Are we ready for new change ? Say , « Yes  » .

Don’t know , How to cook food & mind ?

By approaching a simple step from a new angle , you come to know a magical discovery in your modern life . Your reputation is all that matter to me . The problem is how to start from the beginning ? What to do next ? What would be the single magical step ?

A secret is : No matter who you’re & with whom you’re , feel free to express your inner passion whenever you come to know something new in your life . Express it back ! Cooking food & mind is a simple task , it doesn’t require any hard skills at any higher level . But you do require a proper attention , What would be the next reaction ? If you’re wise , you surely commit mistakes . So , it’s fine keep experimenting with your daily task . The situation would be most worst if you keep doing same mistakes for the moment . There’s a way which is quiet simple before to cook , think that you’re a special guy who knows how to add colors in between . Colors ? means humor , jokes & Salan masala !

Test your level every then and now . Again How ? Relax , Be purposeful & do read the actual situation first . Someone said  » Imagination is more important than knowledge . Knowledge is limited . Imagination encircles the world . And that someone is an intelligent theoretical physicist (1879-155) Mr. Einstein . Lastly , i say Keep dreaming , one day everyone of us find our own way .Certainly , It would be a bit late but that would more acceptable .

Facebook : World’s New Problem ?

How does Facebook & other social networking websites drive us crazy ? What actually we do over there ? In a simple way , we’re there to know recent updates from our local & international partners . Do we really need it ? How many of us make it a bit precious in today’s world ? Are we completely safe on social networking websites ? or Are we just going crazy about it ? Why do we require daily updates from our friends ? Indeed , we don’t care : what did they lose ? or what will they win ?or what are they doing ? or How will they manage their week ends ? But certainly , we do care our favorites musicians , actors , brands , a part time Philosophy from our friends ( Copy & paste ) & sometime we keep liking others comments . Does it matter ? Does it shape our active mind ? then what ?
As we notice , everything was alright few years back . Now suddenly , everything seems to be highly modified & advanced . Under ordinary circumstances , we can’t live peacefully without spending few hours on them. We’re addicts . And frankly speaking , there’s no solution to overcome this crisis . We continue our valuable efforts on them & in the end we’ll die for it .

A solution : How to avoid wasting any time on Facebook ? or If you think it’s Okay then how to make it more precious ?
It’s so simple whenever you’re fed up using excess of social networking services , just deactivated it for a while . Later , if you want to continue , simply sign in back with the same user ID & password . It would be alright & that’s for sure , you won’t lose any of your pictures , comments or any social contributions. Plus there’re few other ways as well . One simple way , give it up . Say , ONE 2 STOP ! Like a chain smoker quitting smoking cigarettes all of sudden .

Or if you take it in a positive way . There might be some chances like you can be a famous icon or a stunning star or a King or a Queen or an important character simply by posting decent , reliable , funny informations on daily basics . And your great contributions can get you to win millions of dollar from Mark Zukerberg’s pocket .This time someone’s not kidding . Have this reliable information ? As in an interview with a highly reputed TV channel in Pakistan. Mr. Zukerberg mentioned that he will discuss about this great promotion with his nearest partners in USA . If they allow & say , Okay . Someone will be benefited anyways .For the instant , We don’t know : Who would be that luck person? Just keep our hope alive !
« Facebook , i can do anything for you . Believe me ! » Recently , We discovered this sort of thought in a survey from a regular user in Pakistan who spends all of his valuable time on Facebook . According to him : he thinks someday he’ll make a huge difference & able to win millions of dollar from Facebook . Haha !

New Development , An old Business : The rise of SEX Tourism in Nepal  » One of the Pillars » of its economy 2011!

The New Bangkok  » Kathmandu City  » ? The heart of tens of thousands of religious Temples & Stupas . Now , See What’s going on ? SEX , Everywhere ! So far even The Government Of Nepal can’t really control this blooming business around this capital city .Surprisingly , Sex Tourism is ready to replace everything .

There are now an estimated more than 300 « massage parlors » and over tens of thousands of dance ,strip bars, selling « sex » for as little as $10, which of course is not insignificant for them. Those women, however, might be better off than the 200,000+ Nepali women, who are trafficked into India for sex every year.However , It’s not a new story .

This is not normal , Not at all ! This is an attack not on a civilian , but on the Nation fraternity & dignity .For the meantime , What’s the current unmanaged government official thinking about this BOOM BOOM BUSINESS  » SEX & Life  » ? Is there any Intelligence Team to fight against SEX ? What would be the worst horrific scenario with the Women Health ? In particular,  » Who is targeting Young Girls ? » Forever Sex ? In someways , Yes !

There is so much dramas going on & it can not be solved in an overnight . Don’t we follow our brilliant leaders & their policy ? Do we ? Think that each & every pregnancy should be secured & well planned but then again we require higher awareness programs . Who will manage that ?

Judge yourself , Is SEX business a positive or Negative development for Nepali Government ?